Jun 30, 2009

News from SpywareGuide

I just read the newest article from SpywareGuide Greynets Blog, it merits attention if you have members in your family who play these online games. I do, and have spread the alert. The other day a young family member was playing on a site like Neopets, and proceeded to tell me how someone was posting instructions telling them to click something, followed by pressing one of their "F" keys and press enter. I immediately began my lecture, and for a good reason it seems.

Read more at SpywareGuide Greynets Blog on how game communities are targets.


Jun 25, 2009

PC users need to patch!

These words come from Dancho Danchev blog. He's right you know. I get the email reminders from Secunia that it's time go visit them and scan for missing updates on my computer.

Panic! at the disco. My Adobe Reader software was way out dated. If you follow the security blogs and forums, a PDF file exploit is one that is commented on many times.

So I am one of the 2.7 billion that was on the map. Read more on Dancho Danchev blog and then go scan your computer to make sure you have updated software running on your computer.

Jun 14, 2009

News from WinTechpedia™

WinTechpedia™ brought something to my attention that I had noticed, but just let it slip on by. Anyone notice the changes at Mozilla Add-on's ?

WinTechpedia™ explains all about it. Great way to save your collection of Add-on's that you have collected over the years. This means that now I don't have to bookmark all my favorite Add-on's.

Sweet... So head on over to WinTechpedia™ read more about this great feature.

Jun 4, 2009

Chat Clients - WinTechpedia™

WinTechpedia™: Comparison of Official Chat Clients.

Freedomstar gives us a excellent review of the different Chat Clients. What's in your chat client? Read more »

Jun 3, 2009

From Google Security Blog

Google Online Security Blog: Top 10 Malware Sites

Posted by Niels Provos, Security Team
A recent surge in compromised web servers has generated many interesting discussions in online forums and blogs. We thought »

A look at what's new

F-Secure offers free detection of viruses and spyware wherever you go »
F-Secure’s latest Online Scanner finds PC malware more easily and effectively than ever and now also supports the Firefox browser.

QuickTime Alternative 2.9.0 fro
m FileHippo »
QuickTime Alternative is a trimmed-down version of QuickTime that contains only the essential components needed for playing QuickTime content that is embedded in webpages.

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Jun 1, 2009

Remove Avira Notifier

Remove Avira Notifier – Here’s How
by Bill Mullins

Is the Avira AntiVir Personal popup notifier bugging you? See how guest writer Glenn Taggart got rid of this nagging distraction.


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