Sep 6, 2009


Remove / Uninstall Older Versions Of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) On Your Computer

Going to bump this fine little program back up on my blog. This is a fine little program that takes me back to Technix Update to download this. My sister requested a visit from me to look at her computer, running slow, etc...

I've got my stick loaded with what I hope will get her computer back on track. Just a quick scan showed 22 infected items, two different types of Vundo and a few rogue av programs thrown in. I have bleepingcomputer's bookmarked for reference and the removal tools on my stick. Also want to make sure all her third party software is up to date and JavaRa works great for getting the older versions removed.

Will be taking my favorite blogs with me as well. What's On My PC© and TeMerc, excellent sources for spyware help and scanners, plus will be packing Bill Mullins’ as well. Once I get the Vundo off, we'll head to a forum for posting a Hijackthis Log to make sure the system is clean. And... my Mom learned today you can get infected my clicking a bad Google search result.

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