Dec 14, 2009

Windows Update Broke?

Cannot Update Windows using Windows Update courtesy of WinVistaClub©
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One of the reasons for my  blog, is it's my traveling notebook so to speak. Here I tag articles that I feel could come in handy down the road. Found one such article at the WinVistaClub©. Quite a few tips for dealing with Windows Update not working which is the current problem on my sister's computer. So we shall give some of these tips a try and see what happens.

Found what I was looking for I believe. Going through some blog articles I had starred in Google Reader. Article written by Kevin at evilfantasy’s blog. Will give this tool a try to see if it solves the problem.

Microsoft Patch Registration Cleanup Tool « evilfantasy’s blog

1 comment:

  1. About to give up on this, I went through everything Microsoft suggested, still the update is not working.


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